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DeduplicationWizard Standard 4.02 03/01/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

The DeduplicationWizard is a program for the deduplication of address tables. Deduplication can be done using the telephone number, the email address and the postal address.

When the deduplication is based on the postal address - i. e. name, street, postal code and city - the program then also considers typos, inverted words and additions.

It is then a fuzzy / error-tolerant deduplication. This, of course, helps to directly reduce costs. And with the deduplication between two files, black lists can also be considered, which can save a lot of trouble for those customers who do not wish to receive advertising.

Here is a brief overview of the features of the DeduplicationWizard:- Fast, largely automated and thus easy to use comparison of address databases for double addresses.

The postal address (error-tolerant matching), telephone number and email address can all serve as matching criteria. - Beside the deduplication within one file, the Standard Edition of the DeduplicationWizard also includes a function for deduplication between two files.

In this way, customers who do not wish to receive advertising can be considered, or already existing customer addresses can be deleted from a table with addresses to be used for the acquisition of new customers.

- The results of the comparison can be transformed so that the duplicate records are deleted directly in the source file, or can be saved in the form of a results or an archive file.

- The deletion log can be used to print the results of the comparison or save them as a PDF file. Remark: Not every one of the functions described above is available in the Entry Edition.

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